We all know the importance of keeping our dive gear in tip top shape. That's why servicing your scuba gear is so important. Freedom Scuba USA is here for you to make your service destination a one stop shop. Anywhere from regulator service to visual tank inspections we have you covered.

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Regulator Service

Annual service of your life support equipment ensures it will last a lifetime. Your regulator may look fine on the outside, but how about all of the fragile components inside? Generally, your regulator needs an annual checkup/service to keep your warranty and, more importantly, to ensure peak performance and reliability. Freedom Scuba can service TUSA & MARES regulators.

Tank Visual Inspection

Scuba tanks require annual visual inspection. Freedom Scuba USA can preform this service at either the shop or the fill station at the harbor,



Hydrostatic Testing

Every 5 years, as required by the USA Department of Transportation (DOT), scuba tanks must be hydro tested. A hydrostatic test involves pressurizing the tank to its test pressure and measuring its volume before and after the test. A permanent increase in volume above the tolerated level means the cylinder fails the test and is permanently removed from service.

Freedom Scuba does not perform on site. This service is sub contracted with partners.


Gear Rental

Freedom Scuba USA offers gear rental whether you're taking a class or if it's just to get in the water and blow some bubbles and have some fun. Freedom Scuba utilizes only the highest quality in rental gear to keep you in the water.

Full Set Up: BCD/Regulator/Wet Suit/Hood/Gloves = $55.00 for the day

Tank = $15.00 80 cu ft

BCD = $15.00 Weight integrated, any size

Regulator = $15.00 with Safe Second and in line gauges

Dive Computer = $15.00 Tusa Talis wrist computer

Wet Suit = $10.00 Back Zip

Hooded Vest = $5.00

Boots = $ 5.00 5mm zip boot

Hood = $ 5.00 5mm any size

Gloves = $ 5.00 5mm or 3mm

Fins = $ 5.00 Tusa 

Mask = $ 5.00 Variety of styles

Snorkel = $ 3.00 Tusa 

Dive Lights = $20.00 (Primary/Back Up/ Tank Marker)

Weights= $.25 /lb per charter

*** Please provide Freedom Scuba USA with 7 days notice to assemble rental gear packages***

If you are interested in renting gear please fill out the following form so that we can have your gear package ready and waiting for you!

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