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Freedom Scuba USA is your destination for all the dive gear you need to explore the underwater world. The shop conveniently located in Baldwinsville, carries all the essentials to get you in the water. Freedom Scuba USA carries a FULL line of the following brands:



TUSA is one of the world's first scuba equipment manufacturers, founded by Kazuo Tabata in Tokyo, Japan in 1952. From the first handmade mask and goggles built in Mr. Tabata's garage, Tabata products have always been constructed from the finest materials with an unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation.  You will see a wide variety of Tusa Gear on our Dive Boat.

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Waterproof is the World's leader in Wet Suits and Dry Suits.  Freedom Scuba USA carries the full line of Waterproof Products.  You will see our entire staff in these suits.  Excellent for any Water Conditions.

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Another leader in Dive Gear and accessories. We like their Cold Water Regulators, the Abyss 22 Navy II is one of our favorites.  You will see their regulators and computers on our Dive Boat.  Check out the Mares Icon HD Computer, she is a beauty.

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UK Kinetics

UK is a unique company in that we consistently exceed expectations in all that we do. Our products are equally praised by divers and firemen, utility workers and outdoor enthusiasts. Moreover, we design and manufacture a remarkably diverse product line, never failing to provide our customers

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Hawaii may seem like an unusual place for an international corporation to be founded but its deep oceans, tall mountains and 11 of the worlds 13 climatic zones make it  a  Sportsperson’s  Paradise.  Honolulu is where Intova was born and  the  islands  are the crucible  in which ideas  are developed and tested.  We don’t just make the products; we use them-created for sportspeople by sportspeople.

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Pinnacle is a supplier of wetsuits and dry suits. Pinnacle provides a great suit for the value. 

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TUSA is one of the world's first scuba equipment manufacturers, founded by Kazuo Tabata in Tokyo, Japan in 1952. From the first handmade mask and goggles built in Mr. Tabata's garage, Tabata products have always been constructed from the finest materials with an unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation. 


paragon mask.jpg

 Paragon Mask

Model Number: M2001SQB

The advanced M2001SQB Paragon professional divers mask offers TUSA’s NEW Reinforced Tri-Mix frame, Freedom Fit II, and an advanced Buckle Adjust System. Dive with ultimate clarity using TUSA’s NEW AR/UV420 lenses. 

MSRP $99.00


 TUSA HyFlex Switch

Model Number: SF0104

The TUSA SF0104 Hyflex Switch is powered by PuRiMaX “Polyurethane Blade System”. The Polyurethane blade provides a quick “snappy” response to the diver’s every movement. TUSA’s unique “Vortex Generator” effectively reduces water resistance through the fin stroke normally found on traditional smooth blades. TUSA’s Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to the fin blade. The TUSA Hyflex Switch is equipped with the new Universal Bungee Strap providing extraordinary comfort.

MSRP $199.00

conquest 2.jpg

Conquest II

Model Number: BC0201C

TUSA's BC0201 Conquest II is the latest in BC technology incorporating a Hybrid 3-D Bladder design and TUSA's Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S II). The BC0201 features a new Harness System providing ultimate tank stability and unsurpassed buoyancy control. The Conquest II comes standard with TUSA's A.P.A. (Active Purge Assist) System and enhanced lumbar and backpad for maximum comfort.

MSRP $599.95





Our top selling Neoprene model D10 PRO is now upgraded with ISS, the unique Integrated Silicone Seal system Waterproof developed and presented to the diving market recently.

During all our years of continuous testing in harsh conditions, we have found that nothing can match the 3,5mm Special Hi-Dense neoprene with SD Toughtex lining we use for our most outstanding neoprene product, the D10 PRO ISS Drysuit.

Loaded with features this suit brings it all. Si Tech ring systems with exchangable silicone seals at wrists and neck that you can change in a matter of minutes. DuPont™ Kevlar® reinforced and angled boot, zip armoured dry zipper, warm cuff system, warm neck, real rubber kneepads, embossed panels, PU-reinforced shoulders and double pockets to mention a few. And all the know-how that we bring from our 25 years experience of diving in the Antarctic & Arctic.

H1 5/7mm Hood with double vent H.A.V.S technology >>
A Waterproof 1000 Cordura bag which can be carried as a backpack
Low pressure hose
Spare kit of Silicone Seals

MSRP $1999.00


W4 5MM


W4 is the latest back-zip wetsuit from Waterproof.
After 28 years of experience of making wetsuits we have put all our knowledge into this hi-quality suit with an eye-catching silverish retro/futuristic look.

The 3D anatomical design, with pre-bent arms and legs with stretch panels and gender specific construction ensures a comfortable fit and a relaxing body position in the water. 3D moulded rubber kneepads is perfect for the diving instructor who spends a lot of time on his/her knees in the water while teaching.

Double smooth-skin seals at arms and legs, adjustable neck and a 10mm spinepad with an extra seal at the backzipper keeps the cold water out. Seals are designed to fit WP boots and gloves. All zippers in top class Vislon no10 from YKK. The back zipper Bronze slider ensures trouble-free function for many years. ToughTex panels at elbows and knees, Bonded HiQ Nylon Thread and 100% CR Neoprene in all panels. Quality is in the details. The W4 also features double computer strap anchors with anti slip, comfort front neck zipper, inner plush lining, seat and shoulder antislip reinforcement.

The WPAD™, or the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is a soft artfully constructed docking station located on the right thigh for our expandable pocket. The pocket is big enough to keep an extra mask, slate, deco tables, GoPro camera etc. Use the pocket when needed, if you want to streamline your set up, dive without it.

MSRP $429.00



W50 5MM


This new W50 wetsuit is the next installment in the Waterproof Sports Series. This series started two years ago with our top-selling W30 tropical suit. As with the W30, this new suit has all the bells and whistles and much more. The new W50 is highly-recommended for temperate waters, and is not really considered a tropical water suit.

Staying warm means staying comfortable! Some good advice for the less experienced traveler is to ask the local dive instructors what the thickness of their own suits is. You may be surprised.


The W50 full suit features Gender specific design, WPAD, Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock for expandable pockets, reinforced shoulders, seat, and knees. Sturdy PK #10 Zipper in the back with a unique molded PU Velcro Tab that only sticks to the designed Velcro area. Zippers on the legs allow easy donning. Constructed of UltraFlex Neoprene you will have a snug-fitting suit with minimal water flow, which will provide you with a warm, comfortable dive wherever your favorite temperate waters are.

MSRP $335.00



Another leader in Dive Gear and accessories. We like their Cold Water Regulators, the Abyss 22 Navy II is one of our favorites.  You will see their regulators and computers on our Dive Boat.  Check out the Mares Icon HD Computer, she is a beauty.


Abyss 22 Navy II

  • 1st Stage

  • Hi flow DFC port

  • Pre-oriented ports

  • INT connection

  • CWD oil kit

  • US Navy approved

2nd Stage
VAD system Mesh grid Fluoropolymer resin finish Rubber hose Ideal for extreme cold water
2nd Stage

  • VAD system

  • Mesh grid

  • Fluoropolymer resin finish

  • Rubber hose

  • Ideal for extreme cold water















Puck Air with Compass - DESCRIPTION

  • Compact yet full featured air integrated dive computer

  • Gas time calculation

  • Segment display with dot matrix insert

  • Intuitive user interface with one-button simplicity

  • Available with analog compass

  • Logbook capacity 35 hours of dive profile at 20-second sampling rate

  • User-replaceable battery

  • Multiple lanyard attachment points


414162 - Northern Hemisphere
414163 - Southern Hemisphere

uk light.jpg


UK's C8 eLED has been a favorite for divers around the world for years. C8 eLED L2 takes the power and reliability of the original light, and amps it up.

Putting out an impressive 900 lumens, the L2 more than doubles the output of its predecessor, while keeping everything you loved about the original. Or get the rechargeable version, which can increase lumen output to 1200 lumens.

The C8 is an essential waterproof dive light for scuba enthusiasts everywhere. Made with non-corrosive materials, and including a new tough rubber bezel for impact resistance, the C8 will be with you for years.

The long-life airline safe rechargeable battery pack will last up to 10 years with proper care, and the tough composite body will not corrode even after 20 years of salt water use. 

Featuring UK's peak beam lumen techonology, which concentrates 90% of the lumen output into the center of the beam, minimizing glare and backscatter, and maximizing seeing distance.

$104 with Batteries

$169 Rechargable 


Intova HD2

The HD2 Waterproof Action Camera is the first in its class to include a built-in flash and video light. This camera is built tough to handle the harsh marine environment. Capture high-definition 1080p video and stunning photos in low-light, evening or night-time settings.

The included battery rechargeable 1600 mAH battery packs up to two hours of life and is removable; ideal for anyone planning an extended adventure. Mount the camera in hard to reach places (such as the front of a SUP board and kayak) and use the included 2.4G remote to start/stop video recording, take a photo and turn camera off.  2.4G remote is for above water/on land use only.

HD2’s polycarbonate, rugged housing is built to withstand the harshest conditions both on land, up to 330 feet below water and everywhere in between. A built-in 2” TFT LCD screen allows for optimum control of capturing content as well as a no fuss, stress free menu system for customizing the camera’s settings. Easily capture any adventure, in any setting, anytime of the day.

  • 1080p video resolution at 30 FPS
  • 8MP Photo resolution
  • Built in 150 lumen photo flash & video light
  • Built-in 2” TFT LCD screen
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Fully waterproof to 330' (100 m)
  • Rechargeable and removable Li-ion battery (up to 2 hour battery life)
  • Remote Control included (for above water use only/not waterproof)  Uses two CR2016 3V batteries (user replaceable)


mini light.jpg

UK Mini-Q40 MK2

Mini-Q40 MK2 is a compact and reliable dive light with performance you've never seen from a light this small. 

Equipped with a convenient push-button switch that's easy to use even with heavy gloves on, the Mini-Q40 MK2 can produce 250 lumens for 5 hours of run time. Running on four standard AA batteries, it's always easy to keep the light running, no matter where you are. 

Perfect for travel and those long dive trips, the light only weights 6 oz, measures 7.5" in length, and is easy to pack due to its small size.

A strong focused beam cuts through murky water with ease and lights up any dive, day or night.  


c4 led.jpg


The C4 eLED L2 is a major new update to one of the world's favorite dive lights. Boasting a significant increase in lumen output, and all the good stuff you loved about the classic original C4, you'll love the L2 for any type of diving.

C4 eLED L2 is a versatile and durable primary dive light that produces a powerful, penetrating beam in a lightweight, compact package.

Boasting a huge increase in beam output from the L1 model, the C4 eLED (L2) produces 575 lumens on high, or 200 lumens on low with a maximum runtime of 19 hours.

Dual power setting provides flexibility to produce the correct amount of light for any diving situation. 

Available with standard alkaline C-cell batteries at a maximum of 575 lumens, or upgrade to the rechargeablepack that produces 1000 lumens.

Please note that previous versions of this light (C4 eLED L1) are not compatible with the new NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack & Charger. The new pack is specifically designed to only work with the new C4 eLED (L2) for maximum lumen output, and cannot be used with the old lights.

$90.99 With Batteries

$169.99 Rechargable


Pinnacle Cruiser

The CRUISER provides a means to enjoy many of the features and benefits
of Pinnacle’s higher end suits while still maintaining a budget. The CRUISER incorporates many design aspects that are superior to those found in other suits costing more than twice the price. 
Available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm.

  • One piece jumpsuit design
  • Cruiser suit is available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm options
  • High stretch neoprene in the extremities allows for greater flexibility
  • Heavy-duty roughskin kneepads
  • Constructed in highly flexible titanium lined 3mm/5mm/7mm neoprene for maximum warmth
  • Advanced stretch neoprene is flexible enough to make donning simple, yet resists compression enough to maintain warmth
  • Though a budget suit, the Cruiser is constructed from quality materials and incorporates more features than most high end suits
  • Molded rubber shoulder pads protect diver as well as help to hold BC
    in place
  • Smooth skin neck, ankle, wrist and spine seals lock cold water out and seal body-heated water inside the suit
  • All seams double glued and blind stitched with reinforcing stress disks at all seam intersections
  • 7mm & 5mm suits have ankle( 3mm Cruiser suit does not )

7mm $259

5mm $229

3mm $189.95

5mm for Children  $199.95                     (Sizes 6/8/10/12)