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ConneX Monitor

The Connex Monitor is a 7?? LCD viewing screen for viewing the Video output from the Connex Camera. The ConneX monitor was modified from a water resistant vehicle backup camera monitor. it allows for three video inputs to be able to watch multiple cameras at the same time. Keep an eye on all of your out-of-sight touch points without moving away from your console!

Imagine being at the helm and able to watch what is happening below, on the main deck, or under your boat all at once! Or you?fre navigating the rough water while your buddies are reeling in the catch and you can?ft leave or don?ft want to miss bring the fish on board! Watch the action without turning around all on your ConneX Monitor. Better yet, before you guys decide that this is the spot, lower a drop bracket with 3 Connex cameras and look around at the bottom for how many fish there are before you drop your lines! On the ConneX Monitor you can do all of that and more.

Or you?fre ready to pull in the anch

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◾VGA Video Input (3)
◾Audio Input (3) (audio output not available with Connex camera)
◾Power output to cameras
◾12V-24V DC input
◾7?? LCD Screen
◾16:9/4:3 Picture Display
◾800?~480 Resolution
◾Power is < 2 W
◾Language Display: ◾Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese

Included with ConneX Monitor:
◾Sun Shade
◾Remote Control
◾Connector Cable (power in: 5.5OD x 2.1ID power in port; 3 RCA type female video-in plugs)
◾Monitor Bracket (plus 4 mounting screws)
◾NOTE: If you would like to connect directly with Connex Camera, the Connex VGA cables would be required.

For further information and clarification:

Connex User Manual


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